Key Benefits

  • PCOS Support Supplement: Inositol supplements may help balance hormone levels in women, especially in combination with Folic Acid.
  • Promotes Fertility in Women: Several studies have found Inositol supplementation promotes ovulation.
  • Supports Healthy Insulin Response: Research has found Inositol supplementation may improve insulin function.


Inositol (specifically myo-inositol) is a stereoisomer known as a pseudovitamin for its close relation to B-complex vitamins without having the same physiologic action as actual B vitamins. Though it is often referred to as Vitamin B8, inositol is actually a type of sugar which has several important bodily functions such as making up cell membranes, influencing the action of insulin, and helping to regulate neurotransmitter levels.

Inositol is naturally found in foods such as fruits, beans, grains, and nuts and the average American diet provides a dosage of around 1 gram per day however supplemental dosages are often much higher. Inositol has become popular as a supplement to help balance hormone levels and promote fertility in women after several promising studies.

As a supplement, we recommend starting at the recommended two capsule per day serving size of 1000 mg, taken with or without food. Inositol is often taken at much higher doses than this and has been studied at dosages up to 12 grams per day.

If taking a higher dosage of Inositol that the recommended dosage, we recommend consulting with your physician and arriving at a dose you are both comfortable with as side effects are more likely at higher doses.